Water is life. Access to clean potable drinking water is a pipe-dream for millions across the globe. Water borne diseases are causing catastrophic health impact in developing nations. Vagaries in rainfall and climate change are adding to this woe.</div
Watamate has its firm roots in the philosophy ‘Every drop is precious’. Watamate is a start-up in the area of water management solutions aiming at environmental sustainability and social consciousness. Our motto is to solve human need for water in a simpilistic way with design thinking
BlueDeer ventures is a company specialized in bringing unique and innovative products that will ease up the workload of humanbeings. We thought of The Wheel, The Car, Personal Computer but we were incorporated a little later to bring them to mankind.‘Blue’ connotes Stability and ‘Deer’ expresses Agility. Sustainable, Stable businesses offering Agile solutions to consumers will be central theme of BlueDeer Ventures.
BlueDeer ventures is a brainchild of likeminded marketing and technical souls that has brought many successful products and brands to the World.
We commit ourselves to make your living simpler!