Remaining elegant and presentable is a wish for many people. Having a smooth radiant skin that resists aging is admired by most. However, many people think that they must get beauty care from a specialist and high ranking cosmetology shops in order to have radiant skin and well-kept hair. Nonetheless, this is not a must. There are pretty good skin and hair care products which you can use while at which and achieve the same results. Moreover, the quality of the water supplied to our homes in another crucial factor that determines the quality of our skin and hair.

Unearthing the best of these products in the overflowing market may not prove easy. This is the reason we are here. We have done enough of our homework to propose to you the very best skin and hair protection products which you can use while at home and still acquire the targeted results.

1. Showerhead Filters

Taking a bath comes in our daily routine almost 2 to 3 times on average. It not only helps us to maintain hygiene and cleanliness but also refreshes our mind and body. But if the quality of water is not good, i.e. it is hard or salty, then it can do more harm than good. Showerhead filters were introduced for this specific purpose and makes the state of the water neutral for safe usage.

In addition to this, scientists conclude that majority of the water that is supplied to our homes may contain high amount of chlorine or other chemicals. So, it is not necessary that you should install Showerhead filter only for hard water but it has other benefits too. There are many companies available in the market or on the internet that provide this showerhead among those companies one of the most trusted and reliable company is Watamate. Their product Watamate Activ+ is highly recommended from our end. The best thing about it is its long-term reliance, multi-stage filtration and long-lasting cartridges. One would not be able to find a filter with this price and quality elsewhere in the market.

2. Water tap Filters

Similar to the Showerheads, the water taps are used more frequent all the day as they are installed in our washrooms, kitchen, etc. Similarly, if the quality of the water is not good enough, then it can not only expose to several diseases but can also damage you skin and hair.

The world has revolutionized a lot today and some state-of-the art water tap filters are readily available in the market. Moreover, before buying the water tap filter, keep in mind that how frequently these taps need the filter change. So, you will have to find a filter that’s cartridge last long enough. The Watamate is a key player in this field also and its water tap cartridges has more life than the ones of the other companies. Moreover, the Watamate Activ+ tap filter will thoroughly clean your water form all of the harmful chemicals and minerals.

3. Gentle Skin cleanser Cetaphil (473Ml)

This product is what you may be looking for in skin cleansing products. After a long day of heavy make –up, it is vital for healthy skincare to have a thorough skin cleansing bath. This product will, therefore, do a clean cleansing without being corrosive I o the skin. It has been prepared using some well-picked ingredients to ensure that it does not become irritant to the skin. It has been proved to be fine with sensitive skin and does not cause erosion.

4. Smart Custom-Repair Concentrate serum

Smart Custom-Repair Concentrate serum is designed to soften the skin and provide a brightening effect. It is among the most chose skincare product to people who work in areas where they represent the face of the institution like the reception and entry points. This is because it will glow the face skin and retain the radiance for the whole day without showing signs of peeling off. It minimizes the pores in the skin and therefore reducing the amount of sweat that comes out through the spores and the main reason as to why it remains intact even the hottest days on the skin.

5. Bienfait Multi-Vital Daily Oil Lancome

It comes with a set of scented botanical oils to deeply hydrate the skin. Wrinkles and fine line lines on the skin are a result of dehydrated skin. Therefore, to avoid this, the oils in Bienfait Multi-Vital Daily Oil Lancome will serve the purposes. The scent may also be an attractive factor in this product has it come from natural organic content. It is reported to have some soothing and calming effects on the skin as well through continuous use.

6. Fruits Full and Plush Shampoo and Conditioner – Garnier

This shampoo ranks very high in the users' experience rating of how it cleans up easily and leaves the hair feeling full after use. The cleaning effect it has on the scalp helps in the regeneration of hair cells which proves fruitful in those people who have a tendency of occasional hair loss. The ingredients of this product are natural and organic making it very safe for use. The conditioner is what you should never miss. It rejuvenates the hair cells by supplying them with “food” needed for their growth. The sweet scent of a cocktail of fruits will make you smell very nice after use.

7. Nutritive Solutions Daily Moisture Shampoo - Dove

This a perfect choice for home treatment of your hair. It does not require you to visit a salon for a full massage or full head cleaning. However, when used and applied the right way, it will regenerate the hair cells and keep the scalp fresh from any bacteria thus optimizing hair growth. The users’ reviews and testimonials have rated the product high claiming that it produced results after a single day of use.

8. Pro-V Sheer Volume Foam Conditioner - Pantene

A collection of ornamental spices blended together with ingredients that clean to the very end. This product is what you would fairly choose to treat your hair at home. It has properties that deal with hair oil that has been used and cleans it to the latter. The fragrance remains in the hair making you feel and smell fresh after every use. The conditioner properties will lead to regeneration of the scalp cells and thereafter healthy hair.


Face and head are the first parts of the body which gives the first impression of a person. Therefore, it is good to maintain them in order to win people’s attention and glance more so to those people whose career involves receiving and escorting guests. Settling on the best products for skin and hair care to be used at home may not be very easy. However, with the discussed products, you are promised a wonderful glowing experience that will leave you radiant. The proposed products are the best choice from a list of countless other products from their composition. For more information regarding the Watamate’s filters, visit our official website

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