Watamate Activ+ Stainless Steel 1/2 Inches Bathroom Shower and Tap Hard Water Filter, Silver, Matt Finish (Filter Cartridge (Regular))

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Rs. 699.00

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Active Bathing Everyday: Hardness and contamination in water does maximum harm to skin, body, hair while bathing. Shift to active bathing in pure ionized water with Watamate Activ+.

Elegant & Seamless : Elegant Design of Watamate Active+ Regular Cartridge ensures the Seamless flow of energized Water

Multi Stage Activation: Softening (No filter can completely eliminate hardness) and ionization of water happens with multi-stage layers of Chlorine Removal, Nano Silver Carbon, Micro sieve, Hardness Control etc.,

Lasts Really Long: A whopping standard performance capacity of upto 50,000 litres lets you enjoy active bathing for more than 6 months for a small family.

Easy Fitment: Compatible with Watamate Activ+ Bathroom Shower Filter, the cartridge is easy to be replaced.

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