Watamate Aeris 950 Copper Water Bottle with Advanced Leak Proof Protection (950 ml, 1 Unit, Designer)

Rs. 999.00
Rs. 499.00

Why Choose Watamate Aeris

  • BOOSTS YOUR HEALTH: Copper is proven to maintain human body’s pH level. It also has anti-bacterial properties. Drinking water in a copper bottle has uncountable benefits such as stimulating your brain nerves and helping the digestion process.
  • SEAMLESS DESIGN : Drinking water is a necessity of every person and for this we need a bottle which we can take along with us anywhere. This bottle has a unique textured design providing a great grip and hand feel. 
  • PREMIUM QUALITY : Crafted with a single sheet of pure copper to provide a unibody design which is durable. Having no joints make it unbreakable, and proves to be a best choice for rough users.
  • AIDS WEIGHT LOSS: If you want to reduce your weight then consume copper water to regulate your fat. Drinking water from copper bottles helps you in regulating obesity, thyroid glands, digestive health cardiovascular health.

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