Watamate Softo S4, Washing Machine Filter

Rs. 1,499.00
Rs. 999.00

Why Choose Softo S4

  • NO DIRTY WATER WASH : Precious expensive clothes get often spoiled by dirty water in washing machine. Avoid spoiling good clothes with Watamate Softo S4
  • ULTRA SIEVE MICRO FILTRATION : Effective removal of micro particles like silt, dust and rust in the raw tap water by multi layer sieve to yield soft clear water for the washing machine
  • LARGER FILTRATION CAPACITY : Multiple eco crystalline balls allows for better dirt holding and assures longer service life of Watamate Softo S4 water softener.
  • SEAMLESS WATER FLOW : Seamless flow of water through the Watamate Softo S4 doesn’t impact the water pressure or flow. Visible filter allows for filter change when it is required
  • EASY TO FIT : It’s a child’s play to fit Watamate Softo S4 to any brand of washing machine (automatic & semi automatic). Gift your washing an extended lifetime.

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