Water is life. Access to clean potable drinking water is a pipe-dream for millions across the globe. Water borne diseases are causing catastrophic health impact in developing nations. Vagaries in rainfall and climate change are adding to this woe.

Watamate has its firm roots in the philosophy ‘Every drop is precious’. Watamate is a start-up in the area of water management solutions aiming at environmental sustainability and social consciousness. Our motto is to solve human need for water in a simpilistic way with design thinking


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Great product with stylish look. Now i can avoid lifting cans and me and my wife will surely recommend this product.

Ravi Kumar


Very good product worth the purchase. Helps me fill my water bottles in seconds.

Vignesh Priyan


This product has a stylish look and is very useful. It has been 5 months since I got this product and I haven't found a single issue. Great Product!

Ananya Rora


This is an amazing product and has been very useful on my travels as it is portable and rechargeable. My family will surely recommend this to my relatives.

Kushal Jahavir


Using it since a month in my office, and it's so easy to use. No hassles of lifting the 20l bottles. It's charging stays longer to draw up to 5 20 litres of bottles.

Pramod Kumar


If you have issues in tilting your 20lts water can and you want a permanent solution, then this is it....I am extremely happy with the product and its function...The classic model is perfect because there wont be spill of water...Simple to install.. elegant model.. a perfect buy..worth the money

Amazon Customer


This is a resilient product. It has been three months since I bought this electric dispenser. My family use it to fill the bucket 2/3 times a week and it is still working. Easy to maintain, the water pipe, motor, wire -and switch are of good quality. It’s now a lifeline for dispensing water. Good price, high quality product. Should last at least a year.



Using over two months, and I am fully satisfied on its performance and feature. 1. A must have small utility gadget for those who used/had to use 20 litter mineral water bottle of any brand on top of water dispenser. 2. It can pump out water @ 1litter/16 seconds 3. It can pump out 4-6 bottle water in a single battary charge. 4. It has a built in multi colour LED indicator inside it's nice looking ON/OFF switch, Blue=No Charging+Running, Red=Charging+Not running. Pink=Charging+Running 5. Built-in auto cut off function, Red charging indicator goes OFF whenever bettary get fully charged same time charger also going in trickle mode.

Amazon Customer


I like buying modern stuff. To most friends of mine this was something they had not seen. I use this product with 20l bisleri jar and must say it works like a jiffy. If u can would recommend u go for the top model as it has great speed, not that the speed here is any less. In hindsight i regret not buying the top model. The equipment looks smart and works likewise, would recommend over those small plastic tubs (no one knows if they are really food grade as there are no major companies) or manual pumps.

Gaurav Agarwal


It is such a saviour! Earlier we were struggling with the local pump which would break or the pipe come off every other day. Drinking water was a task! But this electric water dispenser makes life easy as long as you remember to charge it once in a while. The price looks a bit high but once you start using the product you will know it is totally worth it. It saves time and it saves energy!


Fact About Water

1.7% of the world’s water is frozen and therefore unusable

Drinking water helps you loose weight by increasing body metabolism

The Human brain is made up of 75% water

Drinking plenty of water helps in enhancing the skin