Back pain is one of the most common issues faced by most of the individuals nowadays. The pain is faced by the people aged above 25-30 years and is one of the major reasons that disrupts our work routine. It is not something to worry about as it caused by our tough work routines. Most of the householders have to take care of their homes, and children all alone. For instance, they have to wipe the floor by bending, stand all the in the kitchen, or watching a TV for a long time.

Moreover, the working people have to drive for one hour on average by bike or car. Afterward, they have to sit at one place all day and get back home. This is another reason for back pain in the males. Let’s discuss some of the main causes of back pain in homemakers and how they can efficiently tackle it.


    • Excess Cleaning Word

This is the task that is disliked the most by the housemakers. After the members of the home leave for schools and offices, the housemakers have to take the task alone of cleaning all the homes. The trouble increases when the house is large or double-story. Not only they have to clean and wipe the floors but also have to collect different things like toys, cushions, etc. and these tasks need constant bending. So, probably they often get pack pain which gets worse with time.

    • Lifting Water Cans

Water is something that is consumed on daily basics. A certain amount of water is consumed each day and the quantity gets increasing according to the number of members. Due to this, the water coolers, dispensers or bottles need to be refilled each day. In the majority of the dispensers, the 20L bubble top cans are used. The cans are really difficult to carry as they have no supporting material. Moreover, to lift the cans and set them atop the dispenser is another hectic task.
This is a quite difficult task even for males and needs a lot of strength. The task gets even more difficult when you have to borrow water from certain filtration plants or taps to the home. But I have noticed that it is the duty of housemakers mostly to refill our water containers which lead to the pack pain.

    • Standing in the Kitchen for Longtime

Every member of the family has a different choice of food. This makes the housemaker or the mother to stand all day long in the kitchen, fulfilling everyone’s desires. In addition to this, the meals that needed to be cooked 3 times a day are another task. Also, the tea is served approx. 5 times a day in our country. This led the housemaker to stand all the in the kitchen and they barely get time to rest. This is another crucial activity, that led to the intensive backpains.

    • Binge Watching on TV

People nowadays are addicted to Televisions similar to drugs. They just sit all over the day watching their favorite shows, movies or seasons. They don’t give a damn about their surroundings and their lives get affected, both physically and mentally. The more dangerous thing that we neglect is the wrong posture that we use for sitting or watching tv. There is a proper way of sitting either for TV, computer or office and constant neglection could lead to severe back pains and other issues.

    • Stressful Work Routines

The demographics and the work routine all over the world are changing radically. A few years back, the workload or the working hours were very less as compared to nowadays. People nowadays have to work approx. 12 hours on average with very little time to rest or eat. Moreover, as described earlier, they have to drive for 1 to 2 hours to their workplace on cars, bikes or metros that also cause a lot of stress and back pain.


There are certain different solutions that you can have to tackle or get relief from the back pain. This ranges from exercise, workouts, medicines, or treatments. As the problem is not severe and is normal, the best path to tackle this is natural treatment and exercises. We all know that if we take painkillers or medicines, along with cure, they will have several side effects also. So, let's have a look at some of the best methods that housemakers can have to tackle the back pain.


Exercise is the best thing to relieve back pain. There are several different exercises, postures or yoga poses that you can have to get relive of the backpain. You will find certain good information on the internet or oven you can consult your doctor.

  • Automatic Dispensers:
  • Rather than having traditional dispensers, the best solution to this is to have the Watamate’s automatic dispensers. The best thing about these is that you can set them atop of your bubble cans and they will automatically pump the water out. These dispensers are equipped with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and in a single recharge, they can pump approx. 5 cans. Hence, you will not need to lift the heavy cans and the dispenser will do the job for you. You can get more information and knowledge regarding the Watamate’s automatic dispensers on our official website

  • Reduce Weight:
  • If you are overweight, then it will not only make your life miserable but often leads to back pain. While pending or doing certain activities, the weight of your body puts pressure on your back spine which is the supporting pillar of your body. The more the weight is, the more pressure it will have on your back spine and will probably lead o back pain. So, do jogging or running for a few minutes every day to get your weight controlled.

  • Maintain Healthy diet:
  • Avoid junk food and smoking as much as you can and intake only the food that is high on nutrients and vitamins. For instance, the main nutrients that you will be needing are calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins, i.e. vitamin D that leads to bone growth. For further precise information, you can contact your doctor or nutritionist. They will give you a proper guide and routine.

  • Correct your Postures:
  • While watching TV, driving or sitting in your office, always sit in a correct posture and use supporting materials, e.g. cushions, etc. These cushions are easily available and could be used on office chairs, driving seats, etc.

    These were some of the common back pain causes along with their solutions. Although we could not change our lifestyles much, but at least we can try to take short breaks and reduce stress. Moreover, exercising regularly or at least on weekends will also help a lot. Moreover, in the case of nutrition, do not eat anything without consulting your doctor. Good luck.

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