Clothing has essential value in our daily lives and does a lot for us from protecting us from harsh weather to evolving our personality and image. There are several different varieties of clothes each with different materials, quality and price. For the majority of the people, clothes matter a lot and they do every necessary step not only to protect their clothes but also to maintain their color and quality. Several different factors do affect the quality of our clothes while washing and hard water is one of them. In this article, we will describe some of the best ways to tackle the hard water like installing the Watamate’s Softo S4 filter, water softening tablets, and much more. So, let’s start.

What is Hard water?

If you have read chemistry, then you may have read about the term “hard water”? Well, it is water with high quantity minerals including calcium, magnesium, and zinc. These make these water quite different from soft water (normal water) and have dissimilar properties. It could not be used similar to the soft water like for drinking, washing clothes, and several other purposes but needs a precise treatment before being used.

Effects of Hard water on your clothes:

Hard water due to a high quantity of minerals stops the detergents from cleansing your clothes effectively. In addition to this, it also bound the other detergents, shampoos or soaps from working properly and makes our lives worst.

Some of the main effects of hard water on clothes are:

- The weakening of fibers: During the wash, the different minerals in hard water react with the fibers and bonds in our clothes and make them quite weaker. This will slowly destroy them and will make them of no use.

- The hard feeling while wearing your clothes: Due to the change in the quality of your clothes, you will notice that your clothes are harsh and are quite different than before.

- Different dark spots on your colored clothes: This is due to the reaction of hard water with the colors of your clothes that are completely destroyed.

Let’s examine some of the tips that will help you to get prevention for hard water and protect your clothes:

Use High-quality detergent

As described earlier, the minerals don’t allow the detergent or soap to react properly and initiate an effective cleansing. So, for this purpose, a high-quality detergent is used that has some effective cleansing effect. In addition to this, the quantity of the detergent must be high as compared to the washing in soft water. Always keep in mind that there is no sperate detergent for hard water and all you have to do is to find some best quality detergent. Moreover, don’t use soap as it will have no effect and will waste your effort, money and may result in damage to your clothes.

Washing Machine Filter

Washing machines are no less than a blessing for us as these machines replaced the harsh and traditional ways of washing clothes. All we have to do is just to put the clothes inside these and can commence other word until the clothes are automatically washed, and dried. Moreover, we don’t have to worry about the hardness of water if a suitable washing machine filter is installed I our washing machine

Installing a washing machine filter is the best, effective and most reliable idea you can have in the fight against the hard water. The filter can precisely not only remove minerals from the water but also remove the dirt and stains effectively from your clothes. There are certain different filters available in the market and the one that I used was the Watamate washing machine filter Softo S4.

Moreover, these are several different types of filters available in the market but according to my experience and usage, the Watamate’s Softo S4 is one of the most effective and reliable filters you can get you hands-on. The best thing about it is that it is really easy to install regardless of your washing machine brand. Also, it has lager filtration capacity than most of the filters available in the market.

After the minerals are removed effectively, then your clothes will be safe and will be washed right away with the normal detergent quantity.

Water Softeners

Water softening is a chemical process in which the minerals in the water that make it hard are removed and make the water useable. Several different methods vary from industrial level to some small ingredients for home use. One of the easiest and effective ways is to use water softening tablets. These tablets can easily be dissolved in water and will effectively reduce the mineral quantity in it.

In addition to this, we can install several different types of filters or plants at our home that intake the hard water, processes it with sodium and supplies us soft and usable water. This idea may be somehow expensive and there is a certain limit of sodium that is safe. In case of limit is exceeded, then it may have severe health effects.

Water Conditioners

Water conditioner is similar to the Water softeners in terms of their work as the duty of the both is to soften the water. The main difference between them is their operation method. For example, water softeners utilize several chemical reactions to soften the water while the water conditioners use several different types of electrical operations. These water conditioners are also available for home installation and are easily available in the market or you can contact several home-based contractors to get your conditioner installed right away.

Tips to remove Hard water stain from your clothes.

If you haven’t installed the Watamate’s Softo S4 filter yet or the water softening tablets aren’t available in your region, then this tip will help you a lot if there are any hard water stains on your clothes.

Fill the tub in which you wash clothes with hot water, add 4 times more detergent than you add normally and soak their clothes for overnight at least 12 hours. Afterward, you can spin or dry your clothes and the stains will be no more.

Note: Never add bleach in the water at in costs in case of hard water. As it can do tremendous damage to your clothes.


So, these were some of the methods that can protect your clothes from hard water. In our opinion, installing some high-grade Washing machine filters such as the Watamate’s Softo S4 could be the best option for your home. You can get more information and knowledge regarding the Watamate’s washing machine filter on our official website


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