Watamate Drinqo Gravity Water Filter Purifier for Home (18 L)

Rs. 3,499.00
Rs. 1,999.00

Why Choose Drinqo Gravity Filter

  • 18 Litre Storage Capacity: Watamate Drinqo gravity water purifier has an enhanced storage capacity of 18 Litre in which 9 Litre tank for raw water and 9 Litre tank for purified water.
  • Non-electric and Chemical free purification: Watamate Drinqo water filter for home works on gravity based ultra-filtration technology which does not require electricity. 
  • 6 stage UF technology: The ultra-filtration method in Watamate Drinqo drinking water filter consists of 6 filtration stages. 
  • Super Mineralisation: Watamate Drinqo gravity water filter contains Germanium which promotes health. Germanium absorbs heavy metals, toxins, odors and impurities, they continuously release 20 kinds of ionizer minerals.
  • Strongly Built : strong and durable Watamate Drinqo water purifier for home is made with food grade ABS plastic.

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